The organizers of the international conference “The Future of Food Safety” featured by the 6th MoniQA International Conference, Rome, Italy, 9-11 November 2020, invite you to submit abstracts for oral and/or poster presentation by email to Please use the format given in the Abstract Submission Guidelines.


“The Future of Food Safety” builds on two international conferences organized by the United Nations’ Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO) in collaboration with the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the African Union (AU) in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and Geneva, Switzerland in 2019. Themes included in the conference program for this conference will deal with the ongoing changes in climate, global food production and supply systems affecting consumers, industry and the planet itself. The Future of Food Safety Conference recognizes that food safety systems need to keep pace with these changes. The burden of unsafe food disproportionally affects vulnerable and marginalized people and poses sustainability and development challenges. Despite the growing recognition of the fundamental role food safety plays in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) efforts to strengthen food safety systems remain a challenge, particularly in many developing countries.  


The 3 days conference will provide ample space and time for poster viewing and discussion, as well as publication of the abstracts in a peer-reviewed journal (to be announced), and including the abstract/poster in a best poster award competition.


Abstracts submitted for oral or poster presentation shall address the following themes/topics:

  • The burden of foodborne diseases and the benefits of investing in safe food
  • Food safety, globalization and trade
  • Ensuring synergies between food safety and trade facilitation
  • Digitalization and its impact on food safety and trade
  • Emerging and persistent food safety issues in light of changing food systems
  • Overcoming food safety challenges
  • Science, innovation and digital transformation at the service of food safety
  • The power of analytical tools, method validation and modern tools for food safety assurance and food fraud prevention
  • Promoting harmonized food safety regulation in a period of change and innovation – legal aspects and regulatory implications
  • Food safety and emerging diseases threatening major commodity crops
  • Safe and sustainable food systems in an era of accelerated climate change
  • Empowering consumers to make healthy food choices and support sustainable food systems
  • Communicating food safety to the consumer – multi-actor approaches

Please submit your abstract before 15 May 2020 for oral presentation and before 15 September 2020 for poster presentation to guarantee publication of your abstract and to reserve your presentation space. Please mind that at least one of the authors needs to register for the meeting. A maximum of two abstracts per registrant can be accepted. If you have any questions, please contact us directly at


The following keywords might help:


Food Quality and Safety

Socio-Economics of Food Quality and Safety

Economic and Public Health Impacts

Climate change

Food systems

Food Recalls



New processing technologies

Intelligent packaging

No plastic

Future foods

Advanced agricultural production

Food Authenticity

Food Integrity

Food Fraud

Brand Protection



Chemical contaminants

Processing contaminants

Environmental contaminants

Food Allergens


"Free from" foods

Food Analysis

Rapid Methods and Confirmatory Methods Targeted vs Non-Targeted Methods

Reference Methods

Reference Materials

Method Validation

Expression of Analytical Results

Innovative technologies

Consumer Held Analytical Devices

New methods

Big Data

Food Databases

Food Quality Management

Food Labelling

Consumer choice

Consumer protection

Pre-cautionary Labelling

Food Quality Labels

Consumer Perception

Consumer Science

Regulatory Issues

Risk Assessment & Risk Management

Food Law, Legislation

Food Trade



Supplier Control

International Food Standards

Traceability and Blockchain





Please click here for downloading the Abstract Submission Guidelines.